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sps audit – the Audit Specialists

sps audit is an accounting firm that specialises in all facets of financial audits across a broad range of companies, charities, clubs and small businesses.

The firm was established in December, 2008 by its principal, Stephen Shirley. Stephen is a registered company auditor who has been in public practice for 20 years. Stephen was previously the audit partner at Archer Gowland / dbsn group in Maroochydore for 14 years and has decided to branch out to specialise in audit services.

In addition to the statutory reporting requirements we also expect clients to make the following demands on auditors:

1. They conduct the audit with a high degree of skill and efficiency.

2. They ensure the audit is carried out on a timely basis each year to comply with your reporting requirements.

3. They perform the audit for the lowest fee commensurate with high quality service.

4. They advise and make recommendations where necessary as to improvements in internal controls and on other accounting matters.

5. They demonstrate alertness to business opportunities.

6. They have a proven ability to work with management.

7. They have professional integrity with regard to confidentiality of client affairs.

8. They act as a sounding board regarding any financial or operating concerns faced by management.

All audits are organised to cover adequately all aspects of the company, club or charity as far as they are relevant to financial information being audited in order to form an opinion on whether:

(a) the financial information has been prepared using acceptable accounting policies,

(b) the financial information complies with the relevant regulations and statutory requirements,

(c) there is adequate disclosure of all matters necessary to give a true and fair view.

To meet the above objectives sps audit employs what we call the “business approach” to auditing. We believe that sound auditing is achieved through understanding your organisation and the manner and environment in which you operate. Against that background, we would tailor audit procedures designed specifically to cater for the uniqueness of your operations. The result is an audit that extends beyond recorded accounting entries to an understanding of the nature of the underlying transactions.

Our approach of auditing the business and not just the books enables us to be more efficient and cost effective and to provide “added value” service through the submission of timely reports and recommendations in relation to your activities.

The essential features of your audit would be:

• Proper audit planning
• Regular meetings with management
• Identification of audit risk areas
• A systems based approach
• Formal reporting

sps audit are able to assist in the following areas:

The audit of companies – some companies may need to be audited, dependent on the requirements of the Australian Securities & Investments Commission. Some examples are public companies are required to be audited, large private companies and companies controlled by a foreign entity also need to be audited. For details on if your company needs to be audited, see the attached information sheet.

Audit of Clubs and Charities – Most Clubs and Charities that are registered with the Queensland Office of Fair Trading are required to be audited. There are some exceptions. Please refer to the attached information sheet.

Building Services Authority Audits and Accountants Reports – depending on the size and structure of building firms, an audit may be required. Please refer to the attached information sheet for more information.

• Due Diligence reviews for new businesses – when purchasing a new business, sps audit are able to conduct a due diligence investigation to ensure the figures that have been presented are accurate and truly represent what you are buying.

• Management Rights – The firms principal has specialised in the area of management rights (letting units in a resort or other building) for a number of years and is renowned as one of the leading practitioners in this area on the Sunshine Coast. For more information, please refer to the attached information sheets.

For more information on any of these areas, please do not hesitate to call Stephen Shirley on (07) 5456 2991 or 0400 6444 73 for an obligation free consultation.